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The Connection Between Testosterone and HGH

The Connection Between Testosterone and HGH

The Human Growth Hormone influences proper body growth and development by forcing protein generation in muscle cells and energy release as a result of the breakdown of fats. It’s know to act on many levels of cellular metabolism and therefor is a critical aspect of skeletal growth in humans.

Higher HGH levels can cause an umbrella effect for some of the other hormones such as Testosterone, estrogen and melatonin to be secreted since hormones work in groups.

Explanation of Testosterone
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Testosterone is the primary male hormone, the main function of which is the production of muscle mass, sperm and other characteristics mainly associated with men.

Testosterone is an anabolic hormone, is secreted from the testes and is responsible for many male factors such as Increase in protein anabolism, growth and development and maintenance of male sexual characteristics.

Men’s Testosterone can greatly impact growth hormone responses from the pituitary by helping the HGH work faster. Just think of it as “synergetic” effect.

How Testosterone is Effected and Enhanced By HGH

It should be noted HGH is the number 1 anti aging hormone while the main function of the Testosterone hormone is performance and sex related.

HGH therapy helps with the promotion of growth in bones and ligaments

    helps maintain healthy bone density
    strengthens tissue growth in hair, skin and nails
    regulates your body’s immune functions
    supports routine maintenance repair and your ability to fight disease
    regenerates tissue that has been damaged.

Besides improving Testosterone’s benefits for your sex drive, HGH also assists cognitive ability & helps reduce fat while increasing muscle mass. This is a hormone that restores and maintains the youthful vigor that diminishes with aging.

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Once released into the body, the natural human growth hormone begins waking up other parts of the body. For men the result is the testicles are stimulated to increase the amount of Testosterone produced which results in an increase in both muscle mass and sexual desire among other things.

You could think of it as a chemical “wake up call” of other hormones in a man’s body to produce the results which would be similar to those seen in younger men.

It is believed that decreasing levels of Testosterone, as well as many other hormones, can be improved by simply increasing the amount of HGH you intake and completing the nutritional pathways.

If you naturally increase the HGH levels in your body to more youthful levels you will also be promoting the natural balanced increase of your own body’s production of Testosterone and see a tremendous increase in your own health, anti aging and fitness benefits.

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